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What is Terranova and how does it work?

Terranova is an intelligent assistant that makes it easy to connect with friends, meet interesting people, and discover fun events happening around you. Just type what you want to do – e.g. “go dancing,” “find personal trainer,” “eat sushi,” “buy iPhone” – and Terranova connects you with the nearest, most relevant people, places, and events. You can review ratings & comments, initiate contact with your matches, and schedule events. Once you’ve concluded the activity, you can also leave feedback.

Where can I download the app?

Terranova is available in Apple’s App Store (U.S.), Google Play (Europe) is coming shortly

What are the minimum requirements to use Terranova?

Terranova requires a minimum version of iOS 6 to run on the iPhone and 2.2.2 to run on Android devices. Also, make sure to activate your device’s location services to make sure the app can access your location.

I downloaded the app. What should I do first?

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Snap...

A picture or short video and add a caption

Terranova automatically creates a geo-tagged "beacon" that's discoverable by everyone around      you, as well as your social graph.

2. Share...

Your beacons with the world and your friends

Terranova maps every beacon and makes them viewable via a gorgeous eye catching feed.

And don’t forget to invite all your friends to download the app!

3. Discover...

What other people are sharing around you

Terranova features the most relevant activities through a personalized, real-time feed.

The app does not find my location. What’s up?

The app utilizes GPS and Android’s Network Location Provider to acquire user location. If your mobile has difficulties in finding your location, try disabling and re-enabling your phone’s location settings.

How much battery life does Terranova consume?

Terranova is designed to conserve your battery life; we’re continually working to optimize battery life.

How do I report a suggestion/problem/bug in the app?

You can email us at

Terranova Privacy & Security

Terranova is an open platform for communication. Most of the communication taking place on Terranova is public. Since the information posted is public, some of this data may be made available or republished on other websites such as Facebook. Please take a look at Terms of use and our Privacy policy